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Type of insurance included in the rental price

In the European Union all vehicles are required to have Third Party Injury and Injury Insurance for the minimum amounts required by law.

Extra insurance coverage

Collision Damage Waiver  (CDW) – With this coverage the renter can reduce his financial liability in the event of damage to the vehicle only to the amount of the exemption as set at the beginning of the lease. If you do not add this additional service and the vehicle is subsequently damaged on return, you will be obliged to pay the cost or repair. (Except in cases of misconduct or gross negligence

Theft Exemption (TP) – The renter has the option to reduce his financial liability in the event of theft.

Personal Coverage (RAI) – Coverage that provides, up to an amount, the driver and passengers for death and / or personal injury that will occur during the rental.

There are some damages that are not covered. What is not covered by any insurance:

  • Damage to a third party or to a rented vehicle due to negligence or bad driving (eg driving inappropriately, towing another vehicle, transporting explosives, participating in races, etc.).
  • Loss of child seats.
  • Car tires.
  • The bottom of the car.
  • Loss / Damage / Theft of keys, antennas, jack, triangles and safety vests, wipers, tank cover, luggage caps or any other fixed or removable vehicle accessory.
  • Damage to the machine through negligence.
  • Theft of the vehicle with the keys left in the starter.
  • Damage caused to the vehicle or persons by driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • Fines for violating traffic laws and regulations during the rental period are the responsibility of the driver of the vehicle.
  • Wrong type of gasoline filling.
  • Loss / Damage / Theft of personal belongings.

The vehicle that will be returned outside of our office hours, the car renter is responsible for any damage that may occur after it is returned. In these cases, you will have to wait until the office opens and the employee picks up the keys and inspects the vehicle.

Rental declares that haw read the terms and conditions of the third party liability insurance which cover the car and the driver, as well as declares that he / she is not insured if a passenger of the car has an accident and responsible was the renter. Also is not insured if someone else drove the car and not the renter. Also, the renter must not allow anyone else to drive the car, while he is also not allowed to drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

In case of an accident or damages the car, renter must do the followings:

  • Park the car in a safe point and report immediately the rental office Gaviotis Travel
  • Report to the Police
  • Obtain details for the accident and damages as well as name and address of eyewitnesses

The renter is required to provide a credit card as security for the rental, even if the payment is made in cash.

The cancellation of the reservation is free of charge, provided that this is a sufficient time before the specified date of receipt of the car. In the case of prepaid reservations, special conditions apply and cancellation may be charged.

The sea transport of the car is not allowed outside of Syros island. However, if you wish, the written approval of our office is required. In the event of a vehicle failure, you will incur the cost of repatriating the car.

If you wish to change any of the terms during the renting (eg date or place of return, addition of a driver, etc.) you should contact our Company and get our approval. Any change, of course, will affect the amount of the final charge.

The renter is obligated to return the car with the same quantity of fuel as is mentioned the day that it had been rent.

Reservations are made per vehicle category. Each category includes several models that have the same characteristics (eg cubism, fuel, luggage compartment, etc.). The Rental Company is obliged to give you any vehicle that belongs to the category you booked and not a specific model.

If you have been charged, such as speeding or illegal parking, your car rental company will try to contact you when authorities ask for the driver’s name. This can happen months after the rental and you will have to pay the administrative costs as well as the initial charge. The renter is solely responsible and obliged to pay them.

Conditions of Diploma

When picking up your vehicle, the main driver as well as any additional drivers must have a driving license in their name and be 23 years of age or older.

All drivers must have a driving license for at least 1 year.

An International Driving License is required for drivers outside the European Union.

A passport or ID card is required.

The translation in English of Terms & Conditions of rental is for facilitation for foreign renters and probably is not translated correctly, properly or advisable in English, the Greek text of terms & conditions of rental which is the only binding.